From Pencil and Pen, we bring you..

From Aberdeenshire in the north to Cornwall in the south, take a fanciful journey down the United Kingdom by way of defacement, disinformation and doggerel.

Not only a pareidoliac, who sees faces in maps, the Prickly Witch is also a compulsive rhymer and alliterator. This book results from a combination of these afflictions. No offence is intended to any part of the UK, every bit of which she dearly loves.

Jo Brown, Lurking in the Landscape

Good news for all art lovers and scenic wanderers, do we have the book for you! Our own Johanna B has just released her book on Amazon!

Originally from Worcestershire, Johanna moved to Huddersfield 45 years ago, to study at the (then) Polytechnic, and never left. She has written poems, short stories, diaries and journals since childhood and it’s in these areas that she is most comfortable.

20 years ago she returned to the (by now) University to study for a BA in English Studies, specialising in Creative Writing and after graduating, joined HAC to find like-minded friends and support.

Her book, Lurking in the Landscape is 57 pages of full colour silliness available now from Amazon for a mere £7 with all proceeds going to Hospice UK.

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