Chemical rain poured in streams, drawing lines in rust and filth down flickering neon signs. A sleek black rover pulled up under a half-lit bar light, engine purring comfortably despite the rotten conditions. The bar door slammed open, two half-mech drunkards spilling out onto the narrow street. One of them bounces off a lamppost and onto the hood.

“Uh, where’d this come from…?” He slurs, hands struggling to find purchase and push off. The purr turns into a growl, revs rising and falling like the breath of a predator. The other jerks back, scrabbling in the waste by the doorway.

“Ge away from it Davi, s’not right.” He backs away, whirling mech eye struggling to focus on the shapes exiting the rover. They loom under the pale lights, before turning in unison to stare at the man on the hood.

“Davi, what’d u do?” He whispers.

The next patron to stumble out of the bar found no car, but his screams found many ears. 47:34:07.

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