Gareth lives in make-believe worlds somewhere in the dark spaces between fantasy and science fiction. There he converses with imaginary friends and survives on a diet of tea and scones, the finest curries available to humanity, and the occasional slice of banana bread.

With over thirty years of experience writing for Roleplaying games through almost every genre that interests him, Gareth finally bit the bullet and decided to finish a full novel starting in late 2017.

His first novel – the Steampunk epic, Fogbound: Empire in Flames, was published in Aug 2019 and became an Amazon Best Seller in its genre.

Gareth produced a series of supernatural western novella’s in 2020 – the Chronicles of the Fallen – the first three of the nine part saga are available on Amazon.

Currently he is working on his supernatural/cyberpunk novel – TOKYO PRIME between holding down his day job as a freelance editor for novels primarily in the speculative fiction genre. See more details on his website below.

Published Work

Chronicles of the Fallen Vol 1
The Crowman

Chronicles of the Fallen Vol 2
Dark Fantasy Western Horror

Chronicles of the Fallen Vol 3

Chronicles of the Fallen Vol 1-3
3 Book Compilation
Dark Fantasy Western Horror

Fogbound: Empire in Flames
A SciFi/Steampunk novel.

Audiobook samples

Fallen Angels
19 speculative fiction short stories.

Ask me about my other skills

Editing, Layout and formatting services
e-book and paperback

Cover Design services
e-book and paperback

Contact me to discuss anything further:

Writing by Gareth


“Stop!” yelled Stan, grabbing onto the handrail.The driver stomped on the pedals while pulling the huge hand brake as the bus came to a crunching halt.Stan deftly avoided the shifting beds as they slid towards the front of the bus, squealing wheels protesting at being locked in place.“What is it? What’s the matter, Stan?” Ern… Continue Reading →

Ark-Zero-Nine – Chapter 1

They were all dead, all except Yanik.  He hadn’t been the toughest, largest, or strongest of his crew, but Yanik was the smartest. He was small for his age, even in these difficult times where everyone was skinny. Food was sparse, and much of it was too poisonous to eat without processing. Yanik stood just… Continue Reading →


In the blackest of night I was struck on the headBy what I can’t really be sureWith a dark certain knowledge I knew I was deadAs my skull leaked blood onto the floor I lay there quite still and unable to moveWhile the culprit made fast their escapeIt wasn’t a knife or a gun or… Continue Reading →

Tokyo Prime – Chapter 1

Staring at the sky Life a fleeting memory Rain now fills my eyes The black skies wept angry tears through the glowing city dome, hammering on the roof like the heavy thrashing beat of Tek-metal. It was all the rage with the kids. A couple dashed across the street, dancing between the puddles of vibrant… Continue Reading →

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