I am a speculative fiction writer, heavily influenced by literary fiction and its evil twin, metafiction (never met a fourth wall I didn’t want to break). My work is usually ripe with elements of history, real science, emotional weight, and farce. My reading tastes and writing habits gravitate toward speculative fiction, because world-building is my favourite part.

Weaving the threads of complex structure gets me really excited, so I prefer long-form fiction, but I also write short stories on occasion. These tend to be character sketches or side quests set within the worlds of my ongoing novels. They also make for handy competition entries, which are mostly useful as practice for hitting deadlines.

My first love was poetry, truth be told, and I spent most of my 20s as a performance poet. (Back then we called it “spoken word,” which… I mean…) My poems always feel better to me when read aloud, and I can’t seem to get away from using cadence and meter as the driving force. I’ve never been able to “do” rhyme, which some might say makes me no poet at all. 

Twitter: @JennMurg
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