My name is Kath Croft and I have been a member of the ‘ Huddersfield Author’s Circle’ for many years and am best known for writing short stories, although I have recently written some poetry. I have had two stories published, one in a successful anthology called ‘Sexy Shorts For Summer’ in aid of ‘Cancer Research’ and the other in ‘Scary Shorts For Halloween’ in aid of the ‘Breast Cancer Campaign’. Both published by Accent Press Ltd. One of these stories was then read by Paul Ross in his ‘Big Black Book of Horror’ on the ‘Paranormal Chanel’ produced by ‘Antix productions’ and was consequently featured in ‘Charley Brooker’s Screen Wipe’ programme on the B.B.C.

I have been quite successful with my poetry, winning the open poetry competition in the Mrs Sunderland festival on one occasion and being placed second and third in other years.

Writing by Kath


Like a da Vinci drawing of the human body, every sinew is defined. Every bone so clearly displayed, no flesh covering, nothing to hide behind. Clean and sharp, cut as if with a chisel. His chisel, as he carved a figure out of driftwood. The storm was violent as we ran down the steep stairs,… Continue Reading →

Roses and a Pint for Gary

It had been such a wild week, with the roughest seas in living memory; or so the young flirtatious waiter in the hotel had told them. The two old ladies had grown tired of each other’s company and bored with lack of something new to interest them. And on this their last day, it had… Continue Reading →

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