Telling Tales with Book Titles

by Owen In the age of scrutinising the bookshelves of others on Zoom, there rises a new opportunity for creativity and storytelling. This is an opportunity that those working in libraries and bookshops have already mastered: forming book displays that tell a story through their titles. A famous recent example of such storytelling features Prime... Continue Reading →

Book ‘em, Danno!’

Have you ever thought of the many ways in which we use the term ‘book’? We can use it as a noun to refer to a set of pages, bound together in some way, which may or may not have written matter on it. Usually we assume it will have a cover too. Nowadays, we... Continue Reading →


In light of the recent publications from our members, we thought this month would be a good time for some thoughts on Self-publishing. Below you will find the experiences of two of our members, Susie and Nick: Recently, I have finished the process of self-publishing my book of short stories. As the proceeds for the... Continue Reading →

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