Circling the County

A collection of 52 short stories and poems from the Huddersfield Authors’ Circle which reflects a variety of topics, genres, interests and writing styles. From the comical to the downright terrifying, there’s something here for everyone.


Hi Grandma – Gemma Allen
Halloween Baby – Jo Brown
Cold Edge Road – Sara Burgess
The Wrath of an Archangel – Gareth Clegg
The Number Fifty-Three Bus – Kathleen Croft
Blog Post Fiction – Chloe Dyson
The Problem – John Emms
Holiday Romance – Susie Field
Noah’s Ark – Judy Mitchell
Into The Unknown – Nick Stead
Angels Unaware – Vivien Teasdale
Ornithophobia – Owen Townend
Home – Sophie Townend
A Good Idea – Ian F White
The Homecoming – Jo Brown
A Sonnet for My Water Nymph – Sara Burgess
Tangled – Kathleen Croft
Meeting – Chloe Dyson
The Sounds of the Night – John Emms
From Dusk Till Dawn – Susie Field
Marked for Death – Nick Stead
Seithyr – Vivien Teasdale
Thumb in Braids – Owen Townend
The Druids – Sophie Townend
Bad People – Ian F White
Sunshine Superwoman – Jo Brown
The Darkest Place in the World – Sara Burgess
Bridesmaid Shoes – Kathleen Croft
Diplomatic Baggage – John Emms
Miss Pugh’s Secret – Susie Field
Night at the Dogs – Judy Mitchell
Santa Muerte – Nick Stead
Perfection – Vivien Teasdale
Read the Manual – Owen Townend
Front Page News – Ian F White
Monday Morning Pantoum – Jo Brown
The Hill Giant – Sara Burgess
Three One-Minute Eggs – Kathleen Croft
Fancy That – John Emms
Monique – Susie Field
The End Draws Near – Nick Stead
Adult Hood – Vivien Teasale
Brother – Owen Townend
Promises – Ian F White
Spring Cleaning – Jo Brown
Garden of Rest – Kathleen Croft
Love Hurts – Susie Field
Ashes – Judy Mitchell
The Unforgiven – Ian F White
Time of Your Life – Jo Brown
Deadly Sins – Vivien Teasdale
A Rather Sensual Run-on Sentence – Owen Townend

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