Self Publishing on Amazon with KDP

by Gareth Clegg It used to be that anyone wanting to get their book published, needed to sell their soul and peddle their wares around town, sending a huge typed manuscript to a horde of seedy agents and the big five publishing houses. After waiting many months, some lucky minority may receive a reply to... Continue Reading →

What is the most Banned Book?

by Jennifer M According to the American Library Association (ALA), the most banned or challenged book is the Scary Stories series by children’s horror writer Alvin Schwartz (in this context, the ALA treats challenges to full series as a single title). The ALA has been collecting data and receiving reports from the media and various... Continue Reading →

My life with books

By Sara B    The first memory I have of a book is pretending I was engrossed in one as a small child whilst sitting on a bus with my mother. She was a great role model for reading as she was rarely without one herself, and there were shelves of them all over the... Continue Reading →

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