Adjudicator Topic: Women Behaving Badly

This year’s Adjudicator’s competition is based around the theme of Bad women, questioning whether women are more likely to get away with “bad” behaviour these days. Our adjudicator is Ali Harper, author of The Disappeared and The Runaway. Ali writes feminist crime fiction and has a PhD in Chick Noir. She is interested in the... Continue Reading →

Paper wolves are in!

The new paperback copies of Hybrid second edition are out now, with our very own Nick Stead receiving his author's copies today. Many thanks to creative genius Gareth Clegg for the new cover art 🐺 Out on Amazon or get a free ebook copy when you sign up to Nick's mailing list - Amazon Website

An Active month in an Inactive world

This last month we are very lucky to have seen the releases of three amazing works from Gareth Clegg and Nick Stead. Gareth started July by announcing the release of a series of novellas, the Chronicles of the Fallen. A Weird West / Supernatural Western Horror series following protagonist Cheveyo Santiago as he hunts down... Continue Reading →

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