Writers in Lockdown: Our Tips and Tricks

Due to our current lockdown-life my head sometimes feels too full of everything that's happening out there, instead of what's going on in my fictional worlds.  Here at HAC, we've put together a series of tips and experiences of being a writer in lockdown to help all of us during these challenging times.  Structure your... Continue Reading →

What to do when…

I’ve been writing for many years – not counting the bits I did during my childhood nor the stories I made up in my head but never wrote down. I’ve had ups and downs; times when I would write prolifically, times when I sit and look at a blank screen and wonder, ‘what now?’ But... Continue Reading →

The Joys of Research

by Sara Burgess. One of the reasons I love writing is trying to recreate that idea in my head so that any readers can become immersed in it. Authenticity is really important to me, and so is description. Without those you just have a series of actions. So people have to be placed in a... Continue Reading →

The Short Story Competition Game

PLANNING, LOSING AND PERSEVERANCE By Owen Townend. When I feel guilty about mindless typing and unfettered creation, I go looking for competitions. After all, short stories that remain in computer folders all their life are not really serving much purpose outside of the writer’s own amusement and vindication. So I embark on my routine. The... Continue Reading →

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