Telling Tales with Book Titles

by Owen In the age of scrutinising the bookshelves of others on Zoom, there rises a new opportunity for creativity and storytelling. This is an opportunity that those working in libraries and bookshops have already mastered: forming book displays that tell a story through their titles. A famous recent example of such storytelling features Prime... Continue Reading →

Book ‘em, Danno!’

Have you ever thought of the many ways in which we use the term ‘book’? We can use it as a noun to refer to a set of pages, bound together in some way, which may or may not have written matter on it. Usually we assume it will have a cover too. Nowadays, we... Continue Reading →


In light of the recent publications from our members, we thought this month would be a good time for some thoughts on Self-publishing. Below you will find the experiences of two of our members, Susie and Nick: Recently, I have finished the process of self-publishing my book of short stories. As the proceeds for the... Continue Reading →

Another One hits the Shelves

As we promised in a previous article, Susie Field has done it again! A Moment in Time is her follow-up collection to Step into the Unknown, all in support of Leeds Spinal Surgery Research Fund. Step into a world of twists and turns.Tales of the supernatural, love and heartbreak, tears and laughter – all carefully... Continue Reading →

Circling the County – Online event

Good day to you all! You are all cordially invited to join us on Zoom next Saturday 20th March at 3pm for an hour of readings, celebrating the stories and poems created by the Huddersfield Authors Circle, as featured in our book, Circling the County. This event is completely free, or with a small donation... Continue Reading →

March Book Recommendations

See what about Authors recommend for you this month! From Susie, 'Don't Want to Miss a Thing' by Jill Mansell It is a light hearted and easy to read romance involving an unlikely single father whose parenting skills are put to the test and the girl next door who has definitely decided to remain single.Highly... Continue Reading →

Tanka, Somonka or Renga?

The somonka is a Japanese poetry form, derived from Chinese poetry, which became popular in courtly life over a thousand years ago. It began as a form of love poetry, sending messages or greetings to each other. One would write the first stanza, the other would write a response to it. Nowadays, one poet can... Continue Reading →

After the First Draft

Advice from one of our members on the Editing process Finished! So you have finally finished a first draft. What do you do next? Firstly, congratulate yourself. Many people who begin writing never complete a full draft. So in all seriousness, have a drink/chocolate/whatever you enjoy. Secondly, step away from the computer/notebook. To properly approach... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Horizons

Coming up this February, we have a new publication from HAC member, Susie Field. There is something for everyone in this latest collection of short stories: Step into a world of twists and turns. Tales of the supernatural, love and heartbreak, tears and laughter – all carefully woven into the pages of A Moment in... Continue Reading →

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