New Year, New Horizons

Coming up this February, we have a new publication from HAC member, Susie Field. There is something for everyone in this latest collection of short stories: Step into a world of twists and turns. Tales of the supernatural, love and heartbreak, tears and laughter – all carefully woven into the pages of A Moment in... Continue Reading →

Learning to Write by Degrees

LESSONS FROM MY UNIVERSITY DAYS by Owen Townend From 2009 to 2015, I attended Sheffield Hallam University to learn the craft of writing. It took three years to achieve a BA in Creative Writing and another three for an MA in Writing.             Many would call my degrees a ‘Mickey Mouse’ subject. Indeed a few... Continue Reading →

2020 Adjudicator Competition Results

Results for the Adjudicator competition on the theme of ‘Bad Women’ are below: CATEGORYPOSITIONWINNERSPoetryFirstLittle Old Lady by Sophie A.SecondBlood Splatters by Gareth Clegg Short StoryFirst  Tokyo Nights by Gareth CleggSecondSweet Revenge by Susie Field ScriptJoint FirstProvidence by Gareth CleggJoint FirstA Matter of Death & Death by Sara BurgessHonourable mentionThe Big Bad by Chloe Dyson OverallOverall WinnerGareth Clegg Gareth is now the 2021 holder of... Continue Reading →

Spaaaaaace… the final workshop

November workshop by Kathleen Croft The Workshop brief: Space: Park, garden, games field, room, or some area best suited to yourself! Object within that space: Swing, goalpost, tree, or any inanimate object of your choice! Explore how this space and object can develop a static character simply by interacting with the space and object.   No Conversation. Only an... Continue Reading →

End of Summer delights!

We are delighted to announce that the pre-order for the next in the Hybrid series, due out is now up on Amazon! Here's a little teaser to get your heart pumping and ready for second book! Nobody said being a werewolf would be easy.Fear and prejudice rules the dark world Nick Stead has been thrown... Continue Reading →

Adjudicator Topic: Women Behaving Badly

This year’s Adjudicator’s competition is based around the theme of Bad women, questioning whether women are more likely to get away with “bad” behaviour these days. Our adjudicator is Ali Harper, author of The Disappeared and The Runaway. Ali writes feminist crime fiction and has a PhD in Chick Noir. She is interested in the... Continue Reading →

HAC Reading Week

Good day to you all! You are all cordially invited to join us on Facebook for a week celebrating the stories and poems created by the Huddersfield Author's Circle, as featured in our book, Circling the County. This week will feature audio recordings from our Authors of their works in the book, released each day... Continue Reading →

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