2019 President’s Competition

Results for the President’s competition on the theme of ‘Secrets’ are below:

PoetryFirstGoodbye by Kath  
SecondCleopatra and the Eunuch by Judy
Flash FictionFirstThe Secret Traveller by Sara
SecondThe Escritoire by Susie
Novel ChapterFirst   Grittlefig by Gareth
SecondFriendly Street by Owen
Short StoryFirst   Secrets of the Gods by Nick
SecondA Plausible Story by Vivien
ScriptFirstDad by John
Second Secrets to Die For by Sara  
OverallOverall WinnerNick for Secrets of the Gods

Nick won the overall prize for his short story entry and is now the 2019 holder of the President’s Cup.

Thank you Joanna for judging, entrants for entering and everyone else for applauding and appreciating the work.

For those on Facebook, Sophie has filmed and uploaded the performance of Sara’s script Secrets to Die For. I believe the plan is to perform the winning script, Dad by John Emms, at the next reading meeting on Wednesday 14th August. All being well, this will be filmed too.

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