HAC Reading Week

Good day to you all!

You are all cordially invited to join us on Facebook for a week celebrating the stories and poems created by the Huddersfield Author’s Circle, as featured in our book, Circling the County.

This week will feature audio recordings from our Authors of their works in the book, released each day from the 31st August until Sunday 6th September. Join us and be swept away to lands unknown.

We have a packed schedule of audio recording releases for you, starting with an introduction by Gareth Clegg.

Schedule of Events:

Monday 31st August:

  • Introduction to Circling the County by Gareth Clegg
  • Monday Morning Pantoum by Johanna Brown
  • Marked for Death by Nick Stead
  • Adult Hood by Vivien Teasdale

Tuesday 1st September:

  • Love Hurts by Susie Field
  • The Druids by Sophie Townend
  • Hi Grandma by Gemma Allen

Wednesday 2nd September

  • Cold Edge Road by Sara Burgess
  • The Number 53 Bus by Kathleen Croft
  • Spring Cleaning by Johanna Brown

Thursday 3rd September

  • Home by Sophie Townend
  • Seithyr by Vivien Teasdale
  • Monique by Susie Field

Friday 4th September

  • The Hill Giant by Sara Burgess
  • The Unforgiven by Ian F White
  • The Wrath of an Archangel by Gareth Clegg

Saturday 5th September

  • Thumb in Braids by Owen Townend
  • Tangled by Kathleen Croft
  • Blog Post Fiction by Chloe Dyson

Sunday 6th September

  • Bridesmaids Shoes by Kathleen Croft
  • Ornithophobia by Owen Townend
  • Special Announcement from the Huddersfield Authors Circle

Please tune in on our events page by clicking the link below. We hope you enjoy this week of literary fun!

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  1. Good morning.

    As I have the perfect little recording studio at Lockwood Park Rugby Union Club right here in Huddersfield, and work in audio production, nothing would give me more pleasure/satisfaction then being considered in supplying this most ‘cost effective’ service to your members.

    Feel free to contact me to discuss.

    My very best regards

    Alexander Mullen
    Managing Director
    Absolute Media (UK) Ltd
    01484 532677
    07815 982399

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