End of Summer delights!

We are delighted to announce that the pre-order for the next in the Hybrid series, due out is now up on Amazon!

Here’s a little teaser to get your heart pumping and ready for second book!

Nobody said being a werewolf would be easy.
Fear and prejudice rules the dark world Nick Stead has been thrown into. His self-imposed isolation is harder than he ever imagined, and he craves his old life as an average teenager more than ever.

The cold and distant Lady Sarah is his only company, a vampire too old to remember the transition from human to monster. She can’t fill the void opening up within.

Nick’s heart yearns for new friendship.Without it, killing is all he has left.

But indulging that bloodlust comes at a high price – one that could cost him his sanity, or his life.

It’s no longer just the Slayers on his trail. Now a deadlier threat stalks the shadows, and Nick must settle his dual nature before it is too late.

There’s nowhere left to run…

Preorder today on Amazon, or get into the series now with the second edition of book one!

And from the mind of Gareth Clegg comes the next in his Weird West novella series, due out in ebook on September 1st.

Revelations: Chronicles of the Fallen, Book Three

Riding through the Badlands is treacherous enough but now worse terrors are escaping the deep desert.

While seeking the next Shardbearer, Cheveyo and Ruby discover a sickness at the heart of the Sixth Territory.

Along the way Cheveyo draws out the secrets burning at Ruby’s soul. The truth must out, but it may test their friendship to breaking point…

If you haven’t caught up yet, you should check out books one and two on his Author’s page on Amazon by clicking the link below or dive straight into book three with our link!

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