An End to 2020 with some old Classics

And a look back on some of the old forgotten English words that we could use again some day. Here are some of the definitions our group came up with during our Christmas Quiz meeting – we hope you enjoy the daft read and here’s to a better year!

UHTCEARE ‘lying awake before dawn and worrying.’

  • German milky tenderness
  • an old Viking noise of despair
  • a viking battle cry
  • The feeling you get when you put on wet socks

GRUBBLING ‘checking whether you’ve got your keys and your phone and your purse or wallet’

  • larvae jewellery 
  • obsession with digging for worms
  • to fiddle around in someone else’s pants
  • Laughing so hard that you snore

LANSPRESADO ‘He that comes into company with but two-pence in his pocket.’

  • (very) drunken cover of The Eagles song
  • a luxury margarine
  • The leader of an obscure penis worshipping cult
  • Coffee with whiskey, baileys and whipped cream topped with chocolate flakes

VOMITORIUM ‘A vomitorium is simply a passage by which you can exit a building, usually a theatre.’

  • sick but indecisive threat
  • when horror films are just too much
  • Pub after midnight
  • a small tube carried around in a pouch by a Victorian gentleman to assist when he has overbaked himself with liquor

GROKE ‘To stare intently at someone who is eating, in the hope that they will give you some.’

  • growling when you’re out of pocket
  • a cloak made from a grizzly bear
  • The rough fur at the back of a bullock between the tail and the anus
  • Piece of chocolate that you dropped behind the sofa cushion and then find after few months 

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