What Hides in the Dark

Recently at one of our workshop meetings, we explored the art of the Acrostic – a poem in which the first letter of each line spells out a word and after an exciting round of readings, decided to share them with you all! We hope you enjoy.

Strangers in the moonlight

Trailing footsteps in the sand

Anxious, barely breathing

Lunging for safety

Killer closing in


Shivering in the corner, eyes startled when you put on the light.

Impish fingers withdraw, breath held close, mustn’t make a sound.

Licking lips, dry as paper, peering through the crack in the skirting board.

Horrid rage rattles a tiny ribcage, so small you would never guess…

Only one chance to get this right, just a few moments to

Unbraid your contentment, just for the hell of it.

Edgy feelings skitter across your plains, a cumulus of inconvenience rolling up your mountains.

Terror! One piercing note stabs you in the eye – you think you saw it flitting past the window.

Tomfoolery in the half light.

Everybody thinks they see that shadow somewhere over their shoulder.


Grab a snatch of time

Lie there, waiting in the grime

Others never see much

Often where I am, in the place where

Moonlight doesn’t even touch


Rifts in the shade are all that they know,

Even the small ones smudge out gentle glows.

Many a sunset, they gather to blot,

Nullification in one single shot.

All that they know are rifts in the shade.

Now and forever, they hold back their fade,

Torn asunder from the umbra below.


Days glow fades into the west, bringing night creatures,

Undergrowth crackles where they move as weird

Shadows and silhouettes

Kindle a flickering fear


Bloody imprints in a wounded field

Land haemorrhaging from an uncaring population

In this time we think is ours

Go now and pray for forgiveness from the

Horrors you have unleashed on this green and pleasant land

Tomorrows child will see the ruin you have gifted them


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