Oscar Reid


First Post…

Right. Just to clear things up… it’s my sister’s fault – she was the one who set this blog up and who is now pinching my arm to write something.

Thanks a bunch Gremlin.

Ow, Zoe. Ooof – she pinches hard.

So. I guess you lot out there need to know a little about me…


Here goes…

Name: (Vincent)* Oscar Reid

Age: 21

Height: 5’9”

Hair: Sort of brown (I say sort of as it goes blonder in direct sun)

Occupation: Generally runs around like a crazed Dingo, trying to find jobs to get some cash… (the only qualifications I’ve got are my GCSEs… didn’t have chance to go to College or Uni. as they’re too far away from where I’m living… let’s just say it’s tough when the nearest supermarket is what? Around three hours away I’m guessing…)  

Build: I’d like to say I’ve got a lot of muscle… but really… I’m kind of average, medium at a stretch… 

Diet: It’s a fairly healthy one, but I do eat a LOT of takeouts, generally when I (or mum) can’t be bothered to cook.   

Drinking: I have a couple of beers or so whenever I’m out at a ‘do’. Okay, not just that… a couple at the weekend too.  

Smoking: Have done in the past… don’t now though.

Relationship Status: I’m a Single Pringle

Mood: Mostly sunny (Like Australia – my main home… switch between here and England. Can’t spare you lot the details… sorry… it’s… uh… complicated)

Favourite Music: As a must, the music should have guitars playing – and (do I dare type this? – yes) I’m also a big fan of Classical… you know the whole instrumental orchestra… I find it relaxing… anything wrong with that?

Things I hate: Hmmm… Probably the ONE thing that I strongly dislike is… my ex girlfriend. Yeah, I’m not blabbing her name on this. But she may crop up on later entries… Oh, you want a reason? Because she’s a – no… I’ve decided that I won’t swear… er… basically she’s cheated on me around eight times (that’s two cheatings for every time we’ve got back together) so I decided to end it. For good.

Also… I don’t like my eye… I’ve got a bit of ‘Heterochromia Iridium’ (Wikipedia it) in my left eye (my eye isn’t like my right one… instead of them being exactly the same, my left has blue sprinkles rather than the normal brown colour). I try and wear my sunglasses mostly all the time (good in Australia since it’s almost sunny all year but not good in England… I get the ‘weird look’ from people) to cover up my eye.

Why: Do I really need to explain when I’ve just explained?

Things I love: Australian weather (the sun and the heat). Australian wildlife (especially the Kookaburras). Everything about Australia. But hey, I suppose it’s nice when I pop over to England every three months or so and experience rain again. That’s nice too.

My Vision: To actually work in a job that I enjoy and to be in a relationship that doesn’t have many major let downs.

Describe Yourself in One Word: Um… no seriously… it’s tricky. You have a go and see how hard it is. Okay. The one word is: Amusing.  

* Vincent is my first name but I hate it (well, to be honest I don’t hate it because of how it’s spelt or how it sounds…). If you lot want to know it’s because of my Grandpa. He died. It was my fault. And I’m named after him. The name represents guilt for me now so that’s why people call me Oscar (only my family know the reason above, friends just think I don’t like my first name – and now I’ve typed this to the world… oh dear.).

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