Terra Secunda

It was quiet. Somewhere he could hear the rolling of tracks on metal floors, heading off far away corridors. Stiff, artificial light glinted off polished walls and metal tiles. Water rumbled through pipes underfoot, and clinically clean air brushed past empty rooms, carrying the faint smell of fresh herbs. Two small shoes of perfect white squeaked against the floor and came to an abrupt halt behind an open door.

Sitting squished behind this door, Jeremy let his senses wander and pick up the wiring electricity buzzing in the panels above his head, and the almost silent breathing of another person, sneaking towards his hiding place. He watched through the crack between door and doorway as she swung open  the door in front, stamping her foot in annoyance, her face starting to redden at the utter frustration. He held his breath and pressed further into the tiny space, waiting for the inevitable reveal.

“Oh Jeremy, come on…” He heard the whiny voice pierce through the veil of silence and shock him a little, the door jiggling in response. He sighed and crawled out, seeing Emilia standing with her back to him, arms tightly crossed and shoulders hunched in that trademark pout of hers. Her pristine white dress moved slightly as the air filters hummed alive at their presence.

“ You are rubbish at this. How can anyone be rubbish at this? Even X-26 is better at this game.” She turned to him, face dripping with crocodile tears that she wiped away with the trail of her sleeve.

“I don’t like it when you disappear…” she mumbled.

“it’s called hide and seek silly, that’s the whole point.”

“Children.” The steely voice called from the end of the corridor. X-26 rolled down towards them, its thick treds rumbling. “We are passing the star Osiris in approximately 2 minutes 27 seconds. If you hurry to the main viewing port, you can catch your first glimpse of your future Sun.”

“Come on Emilia!” They bounded down the corridors, through the main atrium and up the steel stairs to the main viewport at the top of the magnificent Terra Tri Secunda spaceship. The 32nd expedition ship to set off from Earth. Skidding to a halt they stopped in the centre of the observatory-esque room, laying flat on the backs against the floor to look up through the domed ceiling. The unyielding blackness beyond was second nature to them, and the waiting patiently in the dark, until the first rays of, shocking white rays sliced through the dark room onto the far wall and for a moment a shock of fear pulsed through both of them, but it quickly vanished as the heat shields locked into place. The brilliant white changed to gorish red, darkened but still captivating.

“Its so big…” Emilia whispered, her hand reaching for his. They held on to each other as they watched the star come into full view. “I wish we could feel the sun… Do you ever go to the beach?”

“We did but it was rubbish, swarms of people, flying rats..” Emilia giggled.

“Do you think they have seagulls on Secun.. secuo.. the new planet?”

“Sure, there has to be. They help keep insects away and other stuff. It’ll be like home, but without all the people.”

Emilia sighed. “Jeremy..”


“Will there be cake?”

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