They watched the yacht go further out, the happy couple steering the wheel together.

            He was wearing a novelty sailor’s hat, the would-be skipper in spite of his burgundy rugby jersey and stylishly torn jeans. As he laughed, round cheeks reddening, he doffed the hat and placed it on her blonde hair bun. She shook her head in comic disdain, letting the hat tumble over her strappy white blouse and down onto the deck below. The salty breeze picked the hat up and blew it overboard, skimming the waves portside until it was submerged in the dark blue.

            They remained perfectly still until these careless lovers had drifted far east and back towards land. Then when the coast was finally clear, one of the silent observers slid off the rock, venturing into the deep with a delicate splash.

            The others waited for minutes until the resurgence. The diver rose victorious with the soggy sailor’s hat balanced on its snout. With a flick, it sent the hat flying into the middle of its family. There was much barking and clapping of fins while everyone got their chance to wear the hat. Be the skipper.

            When the last was done, it let the discovery tumble from its slick grey head, not unlike the human female had. Then with one last glance between them, the seals each slid into the water and left the sailor’s hat marooned on its own craggy island.

The Sailor’s Hat is a piece from the President’s Workshop on Supporting Cast 11-03-2020.

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