Writers in Lockdown: Our Tips and Tricks

Due to our current lockdown-life my head sometimes feels too full of everything that’s happening out there, instead of what’s going on in my fictional worlds. 

Here at HAC, we’ve put together a series of tips and experiences of being a writer in lockdown to help all of us during these challenging times. 

Structure your day as best you can:
Get dressed Exercise
Try to do something to help someone else
and last but not least… Keep writing.

By Susie

You’re lucky to be able to write.
To create something and communicate it to others.
But if at the moment you can’t do that
but are desperate to write,
just sit down and write whatever comes into your head.
Stream of consciousness.
You may be surprised what it might lead to.

by John

Wordplay counts as being creative.
Let yourself be silly.
If you would normally write in cafés,
there are videos filled with non-intrusive
background chatter on YouTube.
Script conversations you would much rather
be having or indeed overhearing.

By Owen

Always write down the little thoughts
as soon as they come to you
– you might find a nugget of gold there later.
Dreams are a big hit,
so have a phone or notebook nearby
for when you wake up.

By Sophie 

Remember: it’s also okay not to be writing.
Reading, gardening, baking, binge-watching.
Do what feels right for you.
Involving ourselves in other creative mediums
not only distracts you from daily life,
you’ll be picking up inspiration without even realising!

By Chloe

From all of us at HAC, we hope you are keeping safe and well, and wish you every success in your writing ambitions. 

President of Huddersfield Author’s Circle (HAC)

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