Huddersfield Authors’ Circle 2nd Book Launch and Signing

We are delighted to announce an event due to take place at Huddersfield Library on Saturday 30th July at 10am.

Circle members will read a selection of short stories and poetry from our latest anthology A Walk Through the Mind. The pieces are selected from a range of recent competitions on the following themes; water, Japan, bad women, and location.

Competitions are a regular feature of the Circle year, one being set by the Circle president, and the other by an external adjudicator. There is a cup commemorating the winners of each competition. This has been passed forward to the lucky overall winner through the decades.

The Circle, which has been going strong since 1936, has encouraged a number of writers to perfect their craft. Its current members are quite a diverse bunch, writing in many genres including historical fiction, fantasy and speculative fiction, horror, romance, comedy, crime, Westerns and autobiography as well as poetry. It includes recently published authors who will have copies of their publications for sale at the event, alongside copies of the Circle’s own anthology.

Always ready to take on new members, who must be over 18 years old; the only pre requisite is a love of writing. Meetings are currently virtual, and take place on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. We used to have in-person meetings but, following the COVID restrictions, members have, on the whole, preferred to continue using a virtual format.

Having been a member myself for over twenty years, I would never have finished my novels without the encouragement and support of this group. It has led me to try different styles and subjects and helped me to find my voice. It could do the same for others too. So if you come along and enjoy what you hear, just ask any member about joining us.

Sara Burgess

Huddersfield Authors’ Circle President 2022

4 thoughts on “Huddersfield Authors’ Circle 2nd Book Launch and Signing

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  1. Looking forward to attending this event …an opportunity to explore what appears to be a very interesting group ! I’m a Literary critic for the Yorkshire Times, and a rather incompetent scribe penning short stories which only advertise my inability to apply creative writing theory to my own work ! I’m also a freelance editor and ever keen to hear new work.

  2. Superb event today ! As I said, an omnium gatherum of talented voices. “Through The Looking Glass” took my breath away ! Thanks for staging this scintillating event.

    1. Hi Paul. Thank you for attending our first official launch. Looking forward to meeting you at the next meeting!

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