I was born in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, but have lived in the village of Clifton for over 40 years.

I have been married for 54 years and have a son and daughter and three grandchildren.

I am a member of Huddersfield Authors’ Circle (HAC), which has helped me tremendously with my writing, as well as being a member of Rastrick Poets at Rastrick Library.

I have had four books of short stories and poems published in the past and my latest book Step into the Unknown is available now.

This is a collection of horror and supernatural short stories, and it is the first book I have written supporting Leeds Spinal Surgery Research Fund.
Available on Amazon

All Proceeds go to Leeds Spinal Surgery Research

Writing by Susie

Imagination is a wonderful gift, transporting us wherever we wish to go – the past – the future – or into a fantasy world of our own where anything can happen. Yet it also has a darker side, running riot with our thoughts – taking control. Twisting and turning deep within our minds until we… Continue Reading →

Step into a world full of twists and turns.  Tales of the supernatural, love and heartbreak, tears and laughter – all carefully woven into the pages of A Moment in Time Something for everyone in this latest collection of short stories by  Susie Field Available Q1 2021

COMPUTERS by Susie Field

I’m Colin the computer and I work in A and ENo one even knows my name and no one speaks to me.I’m very stressed and overworked, I rarely take a breakI sit in line and don’t complain – it’s hard for goodness sake.They bang my keys and spin me round, they simply do not careSometimes… Continue Reading →


As it twists and turns Snatching those within its path Lives are torn apart.

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