A lifelong fan of supernatural horror and fantasy, Nick spends his days prowling the darker side of fiction, often to the scream of heavy metal guitars and the purrs of his feline companions.

Fate set him on the path of the writer at the tender age of 15. The journey has been much longer and harder than his teenage self ever anticipated, but 17 years later he is still forging ahead.
He joined HAC in August 2012 in search of support and feedback from fellow authors, all of which helped him grow as a writer and hone his skills.

Nick is best known for his Hybrid series, the first of which was published under Wild Wolf Publishing in 2015. The second and third instalments originally launched 2016 and 2017 respectively, but a planned move to another publisher brought the series to a standstill over the next two years, when things didn’t work out as hoped.

2020 saw him teaming up with two other esteemed Huddersfield authors to form their own label, Twisted Fate Publishing. Nick spent most of the 2020 lockdown working hard on editing the three Hybrid manuscripts for re-release as revised and extended second editions, and the reboot began with Hybrid on July 27th. The long awaited fourth instalment is planned for around Halloween 2020, at which point he will get to work on the fifth for release in 2021.

Nick has also had short stories published in various anthologies, and will soon be releasing his first non-Hybrid novel based on the true story of the Pendle witches.

For more information about Nick and his work:

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