Always a reader, writing things was the next step. I’ve always been fascinated with characters and getting inside their heads, exploring other perspectives and emotions.

After getting a flavour of what a writing group could be like at Uni, I soon discovered HAC and never looked back!

Our members are amazing, so supportive and encouraging about everyone’s projects. Following the progress of each others’ writing journeys is what it’s all about!

Examples of what I write are below:

• My winning competition entry (for Spinebreakers publishing) – a fun take on a standard character profile.
• A short poem inspired by The War of the Roses – thanks to our member Vivien’s historical workshop.

I’m continually inspired to write original things and also work from TV, films and games. So watch this space!

Oscar Reid

  First Post… Right. Just to clear things up… it’s my sister’s fault – she was the one who set this blog up and who is now pinching my arm to write something. Thanks a bunch Gremlin. Ow, Zoe. Ooof – she pinches hard. So. I guess you lot out there need to know a… Continue Reading →

The Rose

The rose is white, it sits on my chest, Hidden beneath the steel plate of breast. It watches and waits and bears witness to all, The slash of steel and when men and blood fall. There’s a weight in my throat, to cry: À Warwick! But my charge, he stumbles too soon, too quick. The… Continue Reading →

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