Sara Burgess is writing her third novel, a historical dual narrative observation of the most haunted house in England. Not a ghost story, it explores the fascinating characters in the life of what was once dubbed a red brick monstrosity.

Sara writes short stories and the odd poem and script. Fellow writers in HAC know her for her highly descriptive style. She has been a member of the group for almost two decades and has served as president twice. There may be the occasional inscription on a HAC trophy from past wins.

Sara is keen to get this novel published…. When it’s finished! 

Writing by Sara

 It is not recorded what caused the fire, nor who was present when it began. Its licking flames creep silently, at first, up the discretely papered walls in the drawing room. No alarm has yet been called as the shifty smoke wraiths caress the waxed mahogany arms of the captain’s chair. Tiny orange flickers dance… Continue Reading →

A Zoophile Never Forgets

     The creamy, lace-edged parasol sways in time with Nanny’s languid gait. The gentle creak of the perambulator springs beneath my nest of cotton summer blankets, lulls me to a state resembling a coma. Overhead, the occasional puff of cloud or cluster of leaves on a branch glitters in the sunlight against the aventurine blue… Continue Reading →

I’ll Thither Sail

   Half an hour before midnight, the Danish princess sits in the window at Skanderborg Castle stitching delicate French knots into a cambric shirt. Soft notes from the lute hang in the air. From time to time she gazes at the moonlit sea, dreaming about the object of her devotion sitting somewhere across its vast… Continue Reading →

The Hill Giant

 Staring at the corner of me bedroom window. Watching a spider shove itself back into a hole in the woodwork, folding its last pair of legs under its bulging abdomen and dragging them through. Listening to the sounds blistering up the stairs from below. Me Dad yelling. Rubbing a bit of muck off the pane… Continue Reading →

The Secret Traveller

He packs a few belongings in a small bag with a little food. There is a plastic bottle of water with a long straw that fits through the lid. The airport excites him, the plane on which he will travel roams up and down the runway like a nervous dog. Its turbines thrill him as… Continue Reading →


   The Tsunami which engulfed Japan on March 11, 2011, is recorded as starting at 2:46 p.m. local time. This is the exact time when the great sea monster with glass eyes and scales made of jade awakes from a deep slumber. As his great shuttered lids start to push upwards displacing thousands of tons… Continue Reading →

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