My name is Sophie Alderheart and I am a Fantasy & Sci-Fi writer. Though my realm of influence is small at present, my ideas encompass entire worlds of wonder and I hope to share this with you all. I first began writing at the age of 5 and have been hooked on books ever since. In my fiction, I like to explore morality within big adventure, with a touch of human flaw.  

Currently I am working on my debut novel, Lily’s End. You can find an extract below. 

You can also find two of my short stories in our HAC group book, Circling the County, which explore each of my chosen genres. 

Upcoming works by Sophie

The marble floor of Glen valley bank clicked with the heels of tellers, marching back and forth with notes, writs and so forth. It was a quiet Monday morning, the only traffic an older couple and a logging man, depositing his profits for the calendar month. Sean Havery looked on with pride at the well-oiled… Continue Reading →

   Lily’s eyes twinkled with tired relief as she watched the clock move into position. The night was done and it was time to go home.  She packed away each box with practiced hands; slowly wrapping each precious glass flower in its own glass case, before placing them in the boxes. Every flower dimmed its… Continue Reading →

Chemical rain poured in streams, drawing lines in rust and filth down flickering neon signs. A sleek black rover pulled up under a half-lit bar light, engine purring comfortably despite the rotten conditions. The bar door slammed open, two half-mech drunkards spilling out onto the narrow street. One of them bounces off a lamppost and… Continue Reading →

The Wise Horses inn lay just outside the mountain face, near the inner gate, sign swinging in the lazy mid-summer wind. A few citizens from the outer quarter were sitting amongst lazily spread tables, clinking glasses and merry music bleeding out into the streets. A guard in thin studded leather armour leaned against the doorframe,… Continue Reading →

Writing by Sophie


They sat still in the dark cave, legs and arms crossed, eyes closed, awaiting instructions. They had many names. They were the knife in the dark, justice on silent footfalls, the burning wrath. Only a word need be spoken, and the price paid in full. Then, and only then would action would be taken. They… Continue Reading →


Wisps of steam rose and curled through the keyhole, shapes forming and dissolving. They flowed around me as I stood still in its wake, like water flowing past a rock. It wasn’t the steam that had me still, eyes fixed on the keyhole. It was the whispers, the shouting; the screaming… Where was the heat?… Continue Reading →

Terra Secunda

It was quiet. Somewhere he could hear the rolling of tracks on metal floors, heading off far away corridors. Stiff, artificial light glinted off polished walls and metal tiles. Water rumbled through pipes underfoot, and clinically clean air brushed past empty rooms, carrying the faint smell of fresh herbs. Two small shoes of perfect white… Continue Reading →

Audio Recordings by Sophie

Home from Circling the County

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